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Aluminium Dibond has proven itself in galleries for many years and is notably superior to fragile, lightweight foam boards. The edges are cut with the CNC machine to ensure a professional finish.

The technology: UV direct print for durable long-lasting images with rich colours

Regardless of its environment, your favourite image will shine for years just as brightly as it did on the very first day. That’s because we use only the latest UV Art Print technology for your direct print on aluminium Dibond. Images are displayed in the finest detail, with maximum tonality and everything is in full resolution, free from pixellation.

Your direct print on aluminium Dibond – ready to hang

Why not hang your photo exactly where you want it, straight after delivery. With our wall art this is possible, because a hanging system is included in the price. Please speak directly with our design team regarding bespoke hanging systems, they will be happy to help you.

Weatherproof photo print on refined aluminium

Display your favorite image or photographic works of art anywhere you want; our direct print on aluminium Dibond is extremely robust, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor areas. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or on the terrace, conditions such as damp and high temperatures have almost no effect on your direct print on aluminium Dibond. The solid composite material guards against loss of shape, while the UV Art Print technology prevents colours from fading. Thanks to the matte aluminium surface, your images have a classic, flawless appearance.

A matte finish for simple elegance

Your photo is displayed in its most natural form without the need for an additional glass layer or lamination, yet it is still protected against external elements. The appearance of the aluminium backing is just as pure and simple as the finishing process itself. The classic elegance is particularly suited to digitally edited images.

Direct print onto aluminium Dibond

The key facts at a glance

  • Brilliant, pin-sharp UV Art Print
  • Light aluminium Dibond backing
  • Matte surface
  • Refined, minimalist look
  • Resistant to weather and damp

Metallic appearance

Contemporary urban shots and technical photos also benefit from a metallic appearance. These prints are bespoke to your needs and enhance your image with the use of a metallic aluminium Dibond. The Image can be very subtle with just a hint of metallic or can become a full blown mirror effect image that will enhance any office, living room or terrace.

The direct print on aluminium Dibond is seen by professionals as an affordable alternative to the original photo print on aluminium Dibond, and can be produced by Mayfair Imagery in any format – from circular to panorama.


The three layers of the aluminium composite material:

The material: Extremely stable aluminium Dibond, ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor areas

The backing consists of two thin aluminium sheets with a black polyethylene core and has a total thickness of 3 mm. Known for its high stability, the solid composite material offers the best protection against changes in shape, even when hung outdoors or in damp areas. Almost impervious to sunlight or damp, you can display your work as a direct print on aluminium Dibond in sheltered outdoor areas.

“People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it”

– Howard Newton –